Terapia leczenia z bezsenności/Therapy for Insomnia

Today for our classes from art therapy we will reproduce painting by Roman Opałka.


barbarabeesblog said...

this is also a very good work of yours - this morning I felt like the very right person, because my chaotic son couldn't find his sports shoes and was late for school. What about a therapy about listen to your mother?

Joanna said...

as I guess, You didn't have to drink coffee this morning:)
Today, here in Poland is very propper weather for a walk with a dog- I hope that You also will have chance for a beautiful autumn walk.
Thanks for lovely comments.
have a nice day!

S. said...

o! jeden już się wyleczył z bezsenności... :0) dobre!

S. said...

ha ha ha...a drugiego już 'chyta'

Joanna said...

Sztuka jest lekarstwem na wiele rzeczy:)Dzięki S. za blogowe odwiedziny.