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                    here more about Armia band.


barbarabeesblog said...

The first few tones reminded me to "The Strokes" whom I really like. Hearing a polish spoken song is a bit weird and irritating, but I really love the video, that is totally great.

Intelectual recycling said...

I think I know what you mean:).A Few times I met people from German who tried to repeat a few words in Polish. it was pretty funny.
For me, German is a little hard, if you know what I want to say. I think that for bands such as Rammstein there is no better language in the world.
I like this band. I wish to know the German language.Some people in my family who living in Germany don't know the Polish language at all and I talk with them in English.
I wish to know a lot of foreign languages:)

have a nice day!